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» Why hire baby equipment?
Why hire baby equipment?
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Discover our arguments in favor of equipment rental for children


Travelling light

Enjoy your journey by plane, train or car without the burden of luggage.

Just hire the equipment you require before you leave and when you arrive at your destination, you will have everything you need for your baby, just like home.

With Kidelio, equipment is delivered and picked up directly from your holiday address or can be made available for pick-up in a Point Relais (pick-up centre).


Ensure you keep baby safe without investing large sums of money

Childcare items are expensive and often hardly used.

With Kidelio, grandparents can take advantage of the latest equipment when they look after their grandchildren with the guarantee that it meets current standards and that it will always be adapted to the age and size of the baby: safety always comes first.


Manage your time

You are busy organising a family gathering or you have borrowed a car for a long-weekend away: whatever the situation, hiring equipment is the easiest and most practical solution.

At Kidelio, we built our offer to suit your needs. Rentals are available from just 3 days and up to 6 months. Prices are set according to a sliding scale depending on the rental duration.


In case of an emergency

Baby’s pushchair has not yet been delivered or has been lost at the airport.

Childcare equipment from Kidelio is always available at our pick-up centres, so we can quickly release equipment for rental to replace your child’s missing items.


Try new equipment

You are undecided about the best childcare equipment to buy?

Kidelio childcare equipment is up-dated regularly and we always invest in the latest equipment from leading childcare brands, recognised for their comfort and safety standards. 

Hiring items for a few days is an ideal way to try them out before you buy.


Think of the environment

Renting equipment is the act of a respectful consumer.

Why stock items in the attic that no longer meet required safety standards, that will never be used again and which will eventually be thrown out?

Several families will make good use of Kidelio childcare equipment and it will eventually be sold or donated to charity.


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