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» » Here you reserve the actual rental period
Here you reserve the actual rental period
Add time to pick up and to drop off





Our search engine for available rental baby equipment is evolving ! 

Over 3 days rentals minimum, you indicate the start date and the time to pick up and the end date and the drop off time. This makes it possible to pay only the real time of hiring.

It is smart and especially it meets the needs of families who often contact us for this.


On the other hand, it is necessary to respect the schedules that one indicates otherwise the person who follows risks waiting for her/his car rental seat and he/she will not like!

Or, rent longer, it's up to you!


For the clinic exit of Baby 

It is mainly this use of our rental equipment that made us react: in general, Dad needs to use the car seat for 4 hours, just the time to go out Baby and Mum from the maternity, to accompany them to the apartment, to see that the whole family is fine and the car seat is back.

So why pay 3 days?


We created slots for 4h for limited usages as well as longer periods for holidays.


Several rental needs = a-la-carte rates

As you understand, the advantage is to pay the right price for a rental that one defines oneself, according to one's own needs. It's a rental a-la-carte, we indicate our schedule, we respect it and we are winner!


Examples of rental cost

- For the exit of the clinic or the emergency visit to the pediatrician, you rent of the Britax Baby Safe i-size hull: 12 € for 4 hours

- To go to the zoo on Wednesday afternoon: 10 € for the rental Britax First class car seat

- For Mamie's birthday party, renting a high chair from Friday 4pm to Saturday 4pm: 18 €

- To look at the Christmas windows of the Grands Magasins de Paris: 25 € per day (from 11h to 11h the next day)


Your opinion is welcome!

You have understood, the material is always recent quality material and big brands.

We are pleased to offer it in smaller time slots. To do this, we had to make IT developments and change our pricing strategy to make you benefit from this improvement.

Nevertheless, it will not happen without you! And if that does not work, we will have to come back to 3 day rates.

Because the rule is to respect the schedules indicated: it is the commitment that will take our customers by validating their reservation. We trust them and definitely count on their punctuality!