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» How to rent a car seat in France
How to rent a car seat in France
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How to rent a car seat in France ?



Hiring a car seat with Kidelio is quick and easy

in 1 minute, you rent your car seat.

At Kidelio, you will find car seat rental for babies and children up to 10 years old. It is mandatory to have a specific restraint system for children from birth.

We offer car seats suitable for each age of your child.


It is easy to book it on this site by indicating the start and end dates as well as the place of withdrawal.

All the places to collect rental car seats are here:


Rental of a newborn car seat to leave the maternity ward

To exit the maternity ward, staff require parents to indicate and show the car seat that is used with their baby.


Rent this car seat usable from birth up to 14 months lets wait a bit to invest in a car seat for up to 4 years.


Rear-facing car seat rental

For parents who want their child to travel rearward facing up to the age of 4, we propose car seats like the Britax Dualfix or the Cybex Sirona M2. They both have a strut and swivel for easier seating.


Rental of an Isofix car seat

Most of our car seats are equipped with an Isofix mounting system. Even booster seats for children 4 years or older are with the retractable Isofix anchor. They are therefore suitable for vehicles with or without Isofix.


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