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» Hire your car seat at Marseille - Provence airport
Hire your car seat at Marseille - Provence airport
Children on holidays

COVID-19: Please note that our partner delivers on rendezvous at Marseille, Nice and Toulouse Airports.

A fee of 5€ is required by order for this specific service. Thank you for your comprehension.




Going on holidays with children ... without worrying about the stroller, it's possible with Kidelio!


Kidelio allows parents to travel light thanks to its baby equipment rental service 



When loading suitcases into the trunk of the car, boarding the train or on the plane, or welcoming grandchildren or little nephews on vacation, there's no need to worry about stroller, car seat, high chair or folding bed ... Kidelio takes care of it!


As the summer holidays arrive and to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Kidelio announces the launch of its "Click and collect" service, and the development of its branch network with the opening of two new withdrawal points / back to Toulouse and Marseille-Provence airports in addition to Nice airport.


This summer, bring the children, and only the children

With Kidelio, the childcare equipment is waiting for you at the airport!


Click and collect, a simple, fast and smart service.

A little click in the digital universe ... A big click for the parents' life!

If there are services that digital transformation can develop to facilitate family life, Kidelio is certainly one of them!

All parents know it well: going on holiday with young children can quickly take the pace of moving and turn to the puzzle when it comes to carrying all the necessary equipment ...


Fortunately, with Kidelio's Click and collect service, all you need to do is reserve the desired childcare material on and remove it from one of the network's many branches.


Similarly, for grandparents and all those who receive young children, there is no need to buy equipment that only serves a few days a year.



All that baby needs everywhere in France and has been for 12 years 

For a period of 3 days to 6 months, Kidelio proposes to rent all the childcare equipment necessary to spend in stay in all serenity: :

- By car: car seats 0 to 12 months, 0 to 4 years, 4 to 12 years, and Isofix. For example, renting a Britax Isofix car seat, which is among the most reliable on the market, costs about 30 euros for a three-day period.

- Walking: strollers - cane, 2nd age, 3 wheels - and baby carriers. For example, renting an Ergobaby organic cotton baby carrier costs about 5 euros a day for 7 days, or a Maclaren cane pram for less than 6 euros a day for 7 days as well..

At home: umbrella beds, rollaway beds, high chairs, chair boosters, deck chairs, baby monitors and bathtubs. For example, renting a Babybjorn folding bed, usable from birth to three years, costs less than 5 euros per day for 14 days.


Thanks to a network of agencies located in Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Toulouse and Strasbourg, Kidelio is present everywhere in France and offers flexibility in any event ... It is indeed possible to rent a car seat in Strasbourg and make it to Toulouse. In case of removal from a withdrawal point, it is possible to benefit from a delivery relay (free), airport or carrier at the place of his choice (additional costs).

Kidelio continues to fly with two new airports: Toulouse-Blagnac and Marseille-Provence

Already established within the Nice airport, Kidelio continues its development closer to the travelers with the opening of two new relay agencies in major airports: Toulouse-Blagnac and Marseille-Provence.

To make this strategic development a reality, Kidelio has signed a contract with Safe Bag, a baggage security specialist, which now houses Kidelio at the three airports.



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