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Rental car seats
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Rental car seats



According to the French Highway Code and European regulations in force, the car seat is MANDATORY for all children between 0 and 10 years old - that is to say up to 1.50m minimum.

Car seats are classified according to the ages and sizes of children (standards R44 and R129) and cover the period from birth to 10 years required by law.



Group 0+ car seats from birth up to 80 cm

They are fixed rearward facing with the seat belt and / or with an Isofix system. The child is in a semi-reclining position from the back which allows him/her to resist variations in speed.



  • Example: Baby Safe SHR II rental car seat is the most affordable, while prioritizing the comfort and safety of babies. It is installed rearward facing with or without the mounting base. Its reducing cushion allows newborns to be placed in the correct position to protect their backs. It is approved for airplanes.




Group 1 car seats from 80 cm to 1 m

The child is then well seated and his muscles are more resistant. It must be fixed in the car seat by a harness either facing the road or facing the road. Group 0 + / 1 combines the obligations of 2 groups above. Some car seats allow the child to be fixed in rear facing from birth until 4 years old.


  • Example of rental car seat facing the road:  DUO PLUS rental car seat from Britax, which can be used preferably between 15 months and 4 years of age, has a double attachment in the vehicle using the Isofix system or the seat belt. It has several easy-to-adjust backrest tilt positions. Its coating is comfortable and pleasant to the touch.
    It is available from most of our partners and is equivalent to
    VERSAFIX from Britax.


  • Example of a rental rear facing car seat from 0 to 4 years old (Group 0 + / 1): from CYBEX brand, Sirona M2 can be used from birth. Its reducing cushion adapted to the newborn makes it a cocoon of comfort. It is fixed in the car by Isofix fasteners and with a strut placed on the ground. It can be adjusted with 5 different inclinations in the rearward facing position and 3 positions facing the road (from 15 months). Our customers favor this car seat because the child is comfortably installed and its adjustment is easy even when the baby occupies the seat.
    Because of its cost, we offer it for rental in Paris 13th, Toulouse and Nice.


Group 2/3 booster car seats from 1m to 1.50m

Children will use this car seat until they are 10 years old, approximately 1.50m. The seat belt allows the maintenance of the child as for adults. The car seat raises the child so that the belt is correctly positioned on the shoulder. In the event of sudden braking or impact, the seat belt retains the child. The booster car seats with the Isofix system hold the seat more efficiently.


In recent years, the safety of booster seats has been significantly improved and it is also possible to fix them both with the Isofix system and with the seat belt.



  • Rental booster example: Britax KidFix booster car seat can be installed in all vehicles. Its safety is reinforced at the level of the head and the pelvis. Its backrest is easily raised to adapt to the height of the child's bust. It is designed in a V shape and the shoulders have very good protection. We appreciate it for its ease of installation and its comfort even up to 10 years.





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