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» How to rent a stroller in France?
How to rent a stroller in France?
How to hire a stroller


How to rent or to hire a stroller



How :

- Rent a stroller is directly on Click on the icon of the house in the pink banner under the logo: the search mask is displayed.

What :

- Choose OUT & ABOUT in the mask "What are you looking for?" and opt for the type of stroller you want to rent if you know otherwise OUT & ABOUT is the widest choice

When :

- Indicate in the proposed list the relay shop to remove the material that will also be the place of return (except in exceptional cases). Select the closest to you or your holiday location, it will be easier to come and remove the rented equipment

Where :

- Set the dates of your rental by selecting them in the calendars and changing the year if necessary. The dates in gray are those related to the Relay. You must select the Relay before the dates.



And that's all

By clicking on the "Search" button, the list displayed corresponds to your request.


You still have to compare the models of strollers proposed to select the one that is better for your use and the child.


You must confirm the dates and add the times of your rental: this allows our teams to better prepare your order.


It's up to you to set schedules because only you know when you'll be available to pick up and bring back the stroller or gear. Several slots are available: make your choice!​


Pay online after your registration and pick up your stroller rental.

It's fast and easy!


See the rental strollers (in general)


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