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Article 1 - Presentation of the activity :

The Kidelio Company rents baby equipment for a minimum period of 4 hours to 6 months, subject to availability.

The service of "Rental equipment" consists to provide Kidelio's equipment to a client for a specified period.

Kidelio, the « lessor» agrees to provide equipment to current standards, clean and in perfect condition. The photographs on the website are not contractual. An accurate colors can be guaranteed.

The client called "Lessee" is a natural or legal person, user of the rented equipment.

The "Material" included childcare articles, notices and any accessories supplied as part of the rental agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

The Kideliocompany selected independent companies and deposited them in baby equipment for rent. These companies are called "Relay or Pick up Location" and are part of Kidelio network of partners. The baby equipment is available to lessees in the network relay Kidelio.

Article 2 – Order, Quote and Voucher

The website only displays the equipment available on the dates requested by the hirer in the chosen relay point.


The exchange voucher corresponds to the validation of the order recorded on the website or by telephone and the acceptance of the general rental conditions. The rental receipt corresponds to the special rental conditions.


The exchange voucher is issued automatically and is given to the hirer before the start date of the hire period. It indicates all the details recorded for the hire period: start and end dates of the hire period, type of equipment hired, place of collection or delivery of the equipment, amount (including VAT) of the hire period and amount (including VAT) of the guarantee required for this hire period (deposit). The hirer's contact details are compulsory. This exchange voucher must be provided to the Point Relais in exchange for the equipment.

In the case of a reservation on the website and after payment, an e-mail confirming that the request has been taken into account will be sent, indicating the total rental price.

In all cases, the rental conditions must be validated by the hirer either before the rental start date or on acceptance of the quote. Collection of the equipment by the hirer implies acceptance of the general and special hire conditions.

Article 3 - Rental period

The initial rental period is the period set by the renter between the rental start date and the end date indicated in the site search engine.

The date of availability, the date of return provided the tenant and Kidelio are indicated in the order and proof of booking (voucher).

Each day started is charged in full day. For example, for a rental starting on a Tuesday and ending on Tuesday, a period of eight days be numbered.

Rent starts when the material is made available to the lessee the expected delivery place and date agreed between the lessee and Kidelio. This information is attached to the order and voucher.

When the end date of the rental is on the eve of one or more public holidays, public holidays will be systematically included in the rental.

Reservations by phone will not make a firm reservation. An email order confirmation to be sent by the lessee.

The lease is terminated the day the equipment is fully restored (including accessories) to Kidelio or one of its representatives (Relay Kidelio).

The entire rental period is charged to the tenant regardless of the events that reduce the number of days of use of equipment, and even in case of early return. 


The client has the possibility to extend the duration initially planned if the material is available. In this case, a new order must be made on the site or manually by Kidelio. 
In the case or the extension is made via the site: the prices being degressive, thank you to contact us, a discount via a personal code will be allocated to you to place your new order.
In the case or the extension is made manually by Kidelio the customer agrees to make the payment within 12 hours or the amount of the extension will be taken from the deposit (including the cost of cashing it)


The extension will be accepted only if the relevant equipment is available, otherwise the tenant must return the equipment as the initial contract provided.


If the material is not returned on the days, times and/or places selected by the client at the time of the order, it will be invoiced at a rate of €30 per day and per item not returned.

Article 4 – Rental prices and delivery

The prices displayed on the website are quoted in Euros all taxes included French. These prices do not include the cost of any delivery.

On the website, the prices are for the duration requested. For more than 45 day period, the customer must contact us for a quote manual.

Delivery of the equipment is made mainly in shops network Relay Kidelio.


Depending on the tenant's request, Kidelio can deliver or have the rented equipment delivered through a transport company in mainland France, excluding Corsica.

Delivery including pick-up in intramural Paris: from 50 to 90 euros

- Delivery including pick-up between Nice and Cannes, including Nice airport: from 60 euros to 90 euros

- Delivery by carrier: costs calculated according to the weight of the material transported and the place of delivery. These costs are indicated in a quote.

Article 5 – Payments methods

Before paying out in any mode, the lessee agrees to read and approve these terms and the specific terms of the lease specified in the order.

If Kidelio contentious intervention for the recovery of sums due and after formal notice remained without effect for 8 days, the lessee will be liable in damages and interest of a fixed penalty equal to 15% of the outstanding amount VAT.

Payment methods available on the site are:
- Payment by the Ogone secure service when booking (Credit card VISA or Mastercard)
- Payment by Paypal's secure booking service,
- Exceptionally, payment by bank transfer


Payment by credit card is not accepted in the network relay Kidelio, at removal of equipment.


In the case of a request for delivery by carrier, the payment of the rental is to be made by bank transfer or via the website in the section my orders pending payment at the latest 7 days before the delivery date.

In case the delivery date does not allow to keep this deadline, a payment by credit card will be requested by phone. If the payment is not received within this period, the rental will be cancelled.

Article 6 - Guarantee & Deposit

The amount of the security deposit required is indicated in the description of the item concerned on the website.

In the case of rental of several items, the deposit will be equal to the sum of the guarantees of each item.


The deposit set by Kidelio and corresponding to a maximum of the market value of the product is requested from the tenant when collecting the equipment in a Relay point (cheque), or beforehand via our partner swikly (bank imprint).


This guarantee can be paid:

- By cheque cleared in France; in the case of payment by cheque, proof of identity will be requested at the collection point or a photocopy will be sent by post or e-mail.

- By bank transfer; thanks to a link generated by Kidelio and transmitted via its service provider Swikly.


Depending on the pick-up point chosen when ordering, it is possible that the only authorised deposit is a bank imprint [Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Nogent sur marne, etc.].


During the summer (eg school holidays) it is possible that only the bank print is accepted as a deposit. 


Kidelio undertakes not to cash the deposit for the duration of the rental, to return the amount of the deposit upon receipt of the rented product and after verification of the equipment, if all the conditions of this contract are met by the tenant.


If the conditions of this contract are not respected by the tenant, the latter authorizes Kidelio to collect the deposit sent for this purpose.

In the case of a partial or total cashing of the security deposit 5.00 € TTC fees will be applied and the costs of cashing the deposit are the responsibility of the tenant and will remain due by the tenant to Kidelio.

Article 7 – Availability of equipment in a  Kidelio Relay

The reserved material is previously made available to the lessee in the Kidelio partner Relay indicated on the reservation voucher and during the opening hours of the relay.


At the signing of the delivery, the tenant acknowledges receipt of the rented equipment clean and in good condition for use.The hirer has been informed that the instructions for use are available on the website on the page of each item or the technical instructions have been given to him.


The lessee declares that the materials and choosing consistent with its needs he himself committed. Responsibility for Kidelio can not be held in this regard.

In the absence of a contradictory report, the hardware will be recognized as accepted in clean condition and use, with all accessories and instructions for use and must be returned as such.

Article 8 - Back material in a Kidelio Relay 

The material must be returned on the date and time mentioned in the proof of booking in Relais partner used for the provision or that indicated in the rental voucher if this particular agreement, during the opening hours of the relay .

In case of delay, if Kidelio or Partner Relay does have not been informed, each additional day will be charged € 30.


In the event that the equipment is not received in person by the partner chosen at the time of the order and stipulated on the exchange form, this will be considered as a wild deposit. The entire deposit will be retained and cashed by kidelio.


In case of non-return of the equipment within 24 hours after the dates and times stipulated on the order at the time of booking the equipment will be considered as becoming the property of the tenant and the deposit will be cashed by Kidelio and this, without any possibility for the tenant to turn against the company.

In the case of a partial or total cashing of the deposit 5,00€ VAT of expenses of file will be applied and the expenses of cashing of the deposit are with the load of the tenant and will remain due by the tenant to Kidelio.


Article 9 – Opening hours and contact

Our partners' opening times are shown on the exchange voucher you will receive once your order has been placed and are also available in "the relay shops" tab. 

As the opening times of Kidelio and its partners are not necessarily identical, you will find below the contact details for Kidelio (also shown on your exchange voucher and on the website).


Contact details: 

Telephone (Call, SMS, Whatssap): +33 (0)


The kidelio customer service opening hours are as follows: 
Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm
Sunday: Closed all day


It is therefore advisable for customers in case of need of information, a request for modification or other, to take into account these hours and take the necessary steps to contact kidelio during opening hours so that it does not affect current reservations. 
Kidelio's opening hours are also available on the home page of our website (PC version). 

In the event of an emergency, you can contact the company using the above contact details and the same channels. 
(Mail, telephone, SMS, Whatssap) and we will get back to you within a reasonable time.

Article 10 – Order cancellation​

For all cases of cancellation requests, the customer agrees to notify the company Kidelio as soon as possible and before the start date of the rental.

The cancellation request must be made exclusively by email ( and will only be taken into account by this channel. The date of receipt of the e-mail by our services will determine the applicable cancellation conditions, which are detailed below.


In the event of cancellation on the day before or the day of the start of the rental period, the full rental payment will be due, regardless of the reason for cancellation.


In the case of advance payment, under the Hamon law, the customer has a period of 14 calendar days to exercise his right of withdrawal from the date of payment on the website (by Paypal or by OGONE) or exceptionally by bank transfer to the Kidelio bank account.


In the event of a withdrawal after the 14 legal days, all sums paid will be retained, whatever the reason for the cancellation.


Special cases


The start of the rental takes effect before the end of the 14 days: 

- 7 days or more before the start of the rental period, a cancellation fee of 5.00€ (incl. tax) will be deducted.

- 6 days and less, before the start of the service; €10.00 (incl. tax) will be deducted from the cancellation fee.

- The day before and the day of the start of the service; no refund.


For example: if a booking is made on 1 July for the service to start on 12 July, and the cancellation request is made on 5 July, a cancellation fee of €5.00 (inc. VAT) will be retained.


End of special cases


If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the sums paid by the customer will be reimbursed:

-by bank transfer, if the order was made by credit card, without penalty within a maximum period of 30 days following the date on which this right was exercised.

- by paypal, in the case where the order was placed via paypal, the customer remains responsible for the costs deducted by paypal, the refund of the order will be made within a maximum of 30 days following the date on which this right was exercised.


However, it is agreed between the parties that this right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the rental period has already begun and the equipment has been made available to the hirer. In this case, the full rental amount will be due.

Article 11 - Use

The lessee agrees to install and use the material in "good father", according to its destination and regulations, with due care, respect and operating instructions and safety instructions.

The lessee is obliged to protect the rented equipment against any degradation, and use it as intended in the instructions.

It prohibits any modification, development or processing equipment. The tenant is required to make the equipment in good condition and in compliance with all the accessories and equipment.

The loan and the sublease of equipment are strictly prohibited.

In case of failure or malfunction, the lessee must no longer use the equipment and it is committed to preventing Kidelio immediately.

Article 12 – Refund od deposit

Kidelio, through its Relays, checks the working order of the equipment each time it is returned. At the end of this check, if no fault is found, the guarantee is returned immediately and in full.


Partial or total deduction of the security deposit: 

- Equipment damaged in a remediable way, without jeopardising the safety of the equipment (e.g. cleanliness): Partial collection, €30.00 incl. VAT,
- Non-return of accessories (rain cover, cover, reducers, user guides, etc.): Partial refund, €50.00 inc. tax per accessory,
- Mechanism, fabric, irremediably damaged and/or broken and therefore unsuitable for a new rental: Full payment due.
- Unauthorised storage (e.g. equipment left in front of the shop outside opening hours): Total collection.


In the event of the equipment being immobilised, an additional fee of €10.00 (incl. VAT) per day will be charged.


Kidelio reserves a period of 5 working days after the return of the equipment to report any damage to the equipment that is not apparent or not reported by the hirer when the equipment is returned.


In the case of a partial or total cashing of the deposit 5,00€ ttc of expenses of file will be applied and the expenses of cashing of the deposit are the responsibility of the tenant and will remain due by the tenant to Kidelio.

Article 13 - Disclaimers of Kidelio

The lessee is responsible for the equipment in case of theft or loss. In this regard Kidelio disclaims all liability in case of theft or loss, in which case the deposit will be cashed.

Kidelio can not be, in any case liable for misuse resulting in injury or other physical damage.

The responsibility for all assumptions Kidelio remains limited to the amount of rental equipment involved.

For any event beyond the control of Kidelio (strikes, social movements, natural disasters ...) Kidelio can not be held responsible for any consequences for the tenant including the failure of delivery or impossibility of provision hardware and can not be liable to any penalty or compensation therefor.


Article 14 - Cookies

A "Cookie" allows the identification of the User, the personalization of his consultation of the Site and the acceleration of the layout of the site thanks to the recording of a file of data on his computer.


he User acknowledges being informed of this practice and authorizes Kidelio to do so.
In any case, Kidelio undertakes never to communicate the content of these "Cookies" to third parties, except in the case of legal requisition.


The User may refuse the registration of "Cookies" or configure his browser to be notified prior to the acceptance of "Cookies". To do this, the User will proceed to the setting of his browser from the "tool" menu for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
For Google cookies that are allowed by default, you can change this setting in your browser's "options" dialog box.

Article 15 – Datas protection

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act dated 6 January 1978, the client of Kidelio company has a right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning him/her. To exercise this right the customer can send a mail confirming his identity to the attention of Kidelio.

The computerized processing of information of site users has been declared to CNIL under the number 1837724.

Article 16 – Jurisdiction 

These Terms and Conditions of Rental are governed by French law, both for their validity and their execution or their interpretation.

In case of dispute concerning the conclusion, performance or breach of a lease agreement, and failing a settlement that will be privileged, the dispute will be settled by the competent court under French procedural rules when the tenant is an individual or by the Tribunal of Commerce headquarters of Kidelio if the lessee is a commercial company.

For customers domiciled abroad, the French courts will have exclusive jurisdiction and in any case, French law will be the only applicable.


Kidelio has designated the CM2C (centre for consumer mediation of justice conciliators) as a consumer mediation entity, by signing an agreement.

Contact details of the CM2C mediator: 

Address: 49 Rue de Ponthieu in Paris 75008

Tel: 01 89 47 00 14


To contact the mediator, the consumer must fill in the online form on the website:


The lessee acknowledges having read and approved the terms set out above.
(Updated March, 08 2024)


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