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What's car seat for 3 or 4 years old?
Which car seat should I choose for a child of 3 or 4 years of age?    You often ask us about this as, in fact, the car seats in Group 0+/1 are for children who weigh up to 18kg, and the car... Read more
Rent your pram at Nice Airport
How to travel more easily with a child to Nice? Answer: with the rental of the car seat and the stroller for the little one and come to withdraw them at the airport of NICE. Arriving at Terminal 2, take the car seat and the equipment already booked. At your departure, you drop the set, and hop, here is a beautiful weekend! Read more
Cathy welcomes you with its vast store dedicated to children. Close to the large "Parc Bordelais", the atmosphere is as a green park. Many toys, dresses and gadgets for children. Read more
What about Kidelio?
How is the equipment rental for children and how it all started? Kidelio's rental baby equipment service is located in France like its telephone assistance. We are a small company serving parents and grandparents with 20 locations in France in the main cities and 3 airports. Read more
Hire your car seat at Marseille - Provence airport
Kidelio opens a relay of rental equipment for babies at Marseille airport at Safe Bag deskIf there are services that digital transformation can develop to facilitate family life, Kidelio is certainly one of them! All parents know it well: going on holiday with young children can quickly take the pace of moving and turn to the puzzle when it comes to carrying all the necessary equipment ...

Fortunately, with Kidelio's Click and collect service, all you need to do is reserve the desired childcare material on and remove it from one of the network's many branches.

Similarly, for grandparents and all those who receive young children, there is no need to buy equipment that only serves a few days a year. Read more
Yoyo stroller for rent
This stroller is really handy for taking a plane and going on a weekend with the family: you can rent a YOYO stroller in Paris 12th, Paris 17th and Nice airport, to leave directly! It will be provided with its carrying bag and its protection against the rain. It is designed for children over 6 months up to 3 or 4 years old. Read more